How to build a platform storage bed with drawers

If you’ve been thinking about building a platform bed with storage but don’t know where to begin, you can find step-by-step plans on the internet or even build one from repurposed wood and plywood. Then you can follow the simple steps in this article to build the bed of your dreams. Listed below are steps to build a platform storage bed with drawers. After you’ve built the platform, you’ll need to build the storage box frame. Then, attach two metal struts to the bottom and top of the storage box frame. Once the box frame is installed, slide it into the storage boxes. Then, finish the work by sanding down the wood, screwing in the box frames, and assembling the bed frame.

Free bed plans:

You’ve come to the right place if you want a platform storage bed with drawers. You can find free bed plans for building a platform bed with two or more storage drawers and a headboard. These beds look great with a DIY nightstand. This free bed plan is for intermediate to experienced builders, but it does include a tool list and a shopping list.

Using repurposed plywood:

A simple platform storage bed is a great option if there is limited space. It is made of two low-profile cabinets with drawers on either side. This DIY bed is repurposed plywood, white oak strips, and metal hardware. First, you’ll build the drawer frames and bottoms. Use 1×10 lumber to frame the drawers, then join them using nails or glue. To complete the project, you’ll want to attach wheels to the bottom of the drawers.

Using repurposed wood:

Using repurposed wood to build an attractive platform storage bed with drawers will allow you to reuse old wood that would otherwise be thrown away. This unique piece will perfectly fit any room and complement your existing furniture. Leave enough space around the frame to open the drawers to make it look complete. You can also add some finishing touches, including filling holes and sanding along the wood grain. This step protects the wooden components from rotting and other damage. Always remember to do these steps in a well-ventilated place.

Using reclaimed wood as a frame:

Reclaimed wood is a sustainable option for a platform storage bed frame. This material is often free from chemical treatment and 100% recycled materials. It is available in a wide range of colors and can be sourced from the local recycling center. Some stores even sell reclaimed wood for furniture. The frame for a platform storage bed can be made from reclaimed wood and has a unique character.

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